I don’t remember the exact point that I died. I only remember when I first saw the reptilian hands tearing my carcass. I tasted my flesh and blood as the beast continued to eat. My body laid in front me lifeless. Yet I was conscious – I think.

All my feelings, thoughts and memories still existed but now I was in this alien beast? I felt no pain only hunger. Could I communicate with this alien? Was the alien aware of me? I watched as the bones of my body were piled up as this thing continued to devour my flesh. What did Chad name this species again? Chadosaurus, because he thought anything with a ‘saurus’ at the end of it sounded cool. He was such an arrogant bastard but a brilliant astro-zoologist.

I just named this one Daisy – I wasn’t interested in making a name for myself by naming a species. Chad didn’t know the sex of the beast yet, and he looked more like a she – it was the eyes, reminded me of Bambi’s mother. Don’t judge me, my mother was fascinated with ancient children’s entertainment. Disney was her favorite, they named a planet after him. I almost took that terraforming assignment. Instead I took the Minerva assignment.  Sheesh, I’m regretting that decision now.

None of the decades of data or video showed they ate anything more than the native plant life, nor had any aggressive behavior. They were the only animal species on the planet. With no predators why would they be aggressive?  I was out following Daisy and his family when I caught the sight of the 2 moons rising over the mountain ranges. That’s when Daisy had lunged at me.

I heard my terraforming team approaching from behind calling my name. I felt immediate relief but then a sudden terror! We burst into a gallop. All I had seen of his species was them grazing. We considered them very docile. My team’s voices faded as we pulled ahead to the forest in front of us, but I heard their screams. They have discovered my remains.

I can’t imagine the pain they must be experiencing. I felt a sudden pain.

“It will be over soon, relax” a voice said.

“HUH?” I didn’t see anything around and the pain grew more intense.

“We didn’t identify ourselves because we didn’t know your language. We had to read your thoughts and learn.”

“You’ve been listening to me think? You’re in Daisy too?” I had never experienced such pain and now I’m confused.

“Yes, my species came to this planet to colonize over 1000 of your years. I too was eaten by the Daisy.”

“We didn’t see any other animal life on the planet. How many are there in here?”

“MANY! and the Daisy looked much different” a voice said, it might have been another voice but the pain was so intense their voices blended.

“What happened to your people who came to colonize?” I asked

“They consumed all of us!” the voices declared.

“What’s happening?” I asked as the pain dissipated.

“Look, the Daisy gave birth” the first voice responded.

I looked down. But this didn’t look like Daisy’s species. In fact the skin wasn’t reptilian – more human like skin and reddish hair, like I had when I was a kid!

I heard the ships arriving with the first wave a colonist – 100,000 souls.

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